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Spitex organizations provide healthcare services to housebound patients, mostly to elderly people for domicile care in Switzerland. Spitex is a word composed by Spital (Hospital) and External Care Services. The public Spitex organizations are non-profit. Spitex employees are the true heroes of our time.

Their work fulfills a vital function in our society. Florian was highly engaged with Spitex organizations and many Spitex employees during his time as COO of a fast-growing startup, which aims to accelerate the digitalization of Spitex.

As Dominic and Florian both are from Zurich, they have chosen Spitex Zürich as their charity. The money they raise will allow Spitex employees to spend extra time with patients when they most need it.

Have a look at their website.

Our Charity - Spitex Zürich

Our Charity - Spitex Zürich

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